Alkira – The Pulse (EP Review)

Alkira - The Pulse

So it’s my pleasure to introduce to you an Adelaide based band that, up to the point of which I was asked to review their latest recording, I had never heard of. Formed in 2010 in the suburb of Strathalbyn in the Adelaide hills this four-piece Thrash band has been kicking around the metal scene in Western Australia with some success and a large loyal fan base now for 10 years. With four recordings under their belt, they have started to lay down some very polished and intelligent music.
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They pull from all forms of Thrash and metal and from the punk scene that is very active in WA. I highly recommend their very funny and loving tribute to the gods of Thrash Metallica Ride the Sparkling (watch the youtube clip with the lyrics – very funny). Back to this record, it is a ripping 5 track monster of an EP and should propel them into Heavy metal stardom

The lads Greg Challis– Guitar and vocals, Joel Parkinson– Guitar, Tyson Mahoney– Bass, Ryan Quarrington– drums are a tight unit. They have a great eye for detail from the pinch harmonics on the opening track to the bruising down-tuned dirge that is the guitar intro to Sludge Machine. There are many little moments on this record that prick up your ear and stop it just being just another Thrash record in a musical landscape that can suffer from mediocrity

Tracks The Pulse, Inflicting Damage, Sludge Machine, Pendulum and Power Trip make it easy for us here in Australia to be very proud of the music we are producing. I know that I myself have a taste for a dirtier unfinished heavy metal and do moan sometimes that records are recorded too cleanly for my taste. But this is one is an exception to the rule. On Pendulum the mixing of the drums is ferocious and heavy. I find the mixing of the bass and vocals are drowned by the guitar – this may have been intentional. Power Trip opens with some of the funkiest bass and growling vocals I have heard on a metal record for some time.

Local bands like Alkira are VERY important in the metal community and it’s important that we get behind bands and records like this. The albums produced locally must be good, strong and listenable, and this is all of that and more. These guys are all over it – the music is fast, aggressive, technical and above all a real headbanging enabler.
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The cover art is amazing which makes this a very polished product and I WILL be looking out for it on vinyl via their Band Camp page.

So, if you love Thrash and love supporting local bands then take a leap with Alkira’s The Pulse is available on Itunes and Spotify and via the band’s webshop. Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming tours; I know I will.

Release Year: 2019
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Tony Evans