THE SCUM: Colombian Death Metallers Release Lyric Video for New Single from forthcoming ‘Dead Eyes’ EP

Colombian Death Metal masters The Scum have released a lyric video for “No Forgiveness,” the second single from the band’s forthcoming Dead Eyes EP. This time, the band from Manizales surprises us with a fast and ruthless song that recalls the sounds of pioneers of old school death metal, such as Benediction, Grave, Unleashed, Dismember, and Entombed.

“No Forgiveness” (Lyric Video)

The video was edited by Francisco Henao and Attia Studios in Manizales. The song has a first class production job with the participation of Tomás Skogsberg doing the Mix at Sunlight Studios (Dismember, Carnage, Necrophobic, Grave, Entombed) in Sweden, and mastered by the renowned engineer Andy Classen (Holy Moses, Asphyx, Belphegor, Krisiun, Destruction) at Stage One Studio in Germany.

Dead Eyes will be released May 1 via Wild Noise Productions. The EP was produced in Sunlight Studios by Tomas Skolberg and mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio.

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