4th Dimension – The White Path To Rebirth (Album Review)

If you loved the power ballads of the ’80s, you’re sure to adore The White Path to Rebirth by one of Italy’s best symphonic power metal bands 4th Dimension.

This is not their latest L.P. having released Dispelling the Veil of Illusion earlier this year, but it’d be safe to say that like so many other bands of this genre, they have to fight pretty hard for radio airplay and publicity so The White Path to Rebirth would still be a new album to many.

The ten tracks on the album vary in style but are linked by an ethereal quality that’s reflected in the album’s title. Following the fantasy and glory themes, the songs vary in tempo from gentle ballads to the beat of battle that makes your heart race.

Talete Fusaro (keyboards), Massimiliano Forte (drums), Michele Segafredo (guitar), and Stefano Pinaroli (bass) can get unearthly sounds from the instruments they play and it sounds as though an orchestra is performing. Andrea Bicego is the vocalist on all tracks except for “A New Dimension”, which is sung by Fabio Lione. It’s Bicego who gives the album its 80’s feel with his big voice and hyperbolic, emotive, lyrical emphasis. Bicego’s voice doesn’t really suit the slower, gentler vocal sounds required for the ballads, but his voice hits its stride when power is required.

The stand-out track of the album is “Labyrinth of Glass”, which begins with a sublime instrumental piece, and evolves into a layered song that should be fleshed out over a couple of listens. Certainly, if you’re searching for a retro metal sound and moving instrumentals, this is an album you should listen to.

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Release Year: 2011
Label: Crash & Burn Records
Category: Album
Country: Italy

Reviewed by Sharon Brookes