Theraphosa: Call upon the Devil with new lyric video ‘The Morning Star’

Following the release of their debut studio album on 24th April, Parisian progressive/groove metal trio THERAPHOSA have drawn from ‘Transcendence’ once more, this time to call upon the ultimate evil with a brand new lyric video!
On first glance at ‘The Morning Star’, the lyrical preachings of guitarist and lead vocalist Vincent Dubout can lead the listener to think that the Devil – who bears many names, including The Morning Star – is the subject of the band’s latest single…Alas, this is not the case.

As Dubout explains, it is, in fact, mankind that is the focal point, and our own capacity for evil. As witnessed throughout history, wars – fought either for religion, politics or simple hatred for our kin –  is a human creation, and it is by our own hand that all pains are inflicted Whatever his race, religion, nationality, mankind has always inflicted (and will continue to inflict) great atrocities and evil deeds.


Given free will and the ability to choose one’s alignment between good and evil, towards God or the Devil, Theraphosa uses their latest lyric video ‘The Morning Star’ to convey the idea that man is solely responsible for their damnation or absolution – the blame cannot be placed on a deity, as humanity is – put simply – its own Devil.

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