Therein: Australian Progressive Metallers Release Lyric Video Through The Threshold & Album Aramitama

Brisbane Progressive Metallers Therein have self-released their second album Aramitama. Further, the band has also released the music video for the latest single Through The Threshold. The video has been animated and produced by singer/ guitarist Cameron Whelan.

Following a successful run at Woodford Folk Festival 2018/2019, Progfest 2019, and a debut tour to Japan, 2020 saw the release of Therein’s second full-length album Aramitama. Aramitama showcases material from the very beginning of Therein‘s lifetime (2012), all the way through to songs written after the release of their first album, Nobelium. Combined with the first album, Aramitama marks the recorded release of every original song in Therein‘s live repertoire between the years of 2012-2019. The album artwork is from a painting by Japanese artist Fuyou Nagashima entitled Four Souls. This piece was painted live during a set at Tokyo Beyond festival – the last show of the Japanese tour. The album was self released in October 31st 2020.

Talking about the video now released, singer Cameron states:“‘Through The Threshold’ is about the moment between dreaming and waking up, that strange moment where you are simultaneously aware of reality and whatever it is you are dreaming about. I like to try and hold onto that moment as much as I can, and this song is musing on that. The film clip was animated by me using traditional animation techniques (as will the next two film clips). This song is probably the closest thing we have to a “modern prog metal” sounding song.”

The painting, titled Four Souls by Nagashima, also holds the inspiration for the name of the album – Aramitama – which loosely translates to ‘rude soul’ and is part of the ‘Mitama’ or four souls.

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1 To Better Times
2 Abeyance
3 Furry Lil Demons
4 The Crawling Chaos
5 Spock
6 Through The Threshold
7 Divide
8 Slainte
9 Brunhilde
10 ALH84001
11 Wrong Dunn Blues
12 Piece of Shit

Get the album at their band’s Bandcamp page:

Cameron Whelan – Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Boyd – Guitar
Ned Gulliford – Drums, Vocals
Charlie Limpus – Bass

Brisbane Progressive Metallers Therein throw all convention out of the window, brazenly infusing Celtic undertones with Jazz, Blues, Death Metal, and 70s Progressive Rock to create a uniquely infectious sound that is undeniably their own. No restrictions, no expectations, and no inhibitions provide the nucleus of Therein’s eclectic sound, blending and twisting genres into a malleable force that knows no boundaries.