THORNBRIDGE Unleashes Lyric Video For New Single “My Last Desire”

THORNBRIDGEGerman power metal masters, THORNBRIDGE, have announced their new studio album for a March 22nd release on Massacre Records.

The concept album tells the story of a boy who tries to save his dream world and its characters from the destruction and violence he is confronted with in his real life in the form of questionable and inhumane healing methods’ and surgeries in a mental asylum set in the early Victorian era.

In contrast to the two previous albums that were more on the heavy side, “Daydream Illusion” is a bit more melancholic and magical, which is also reflected in the vocals that are less aggressive and cleaner on this album. Special attention was paid to catchy melodies and lyrics, and for the first time a ballad made it onto an THORNBRIDGE album.

Watch the lyric video here:

thornbridge- AC


1. Come on in!
2. Daydream Illusion
3. Kingdom of starlight
4. I am the storm
5. Sacrifice
6. Island of my memories
7. Send me a light
8. Bird of salvation
9. Final War
10. My last desire
11. Lost on the dark side