Lethal Vice – Thrash Converters (Album Review)

Spain has had some good acts coming out over the last couple of years, like thrashers Lethal Vice who have made an explosion of old school thrash with their album “Thrash Converters“. If you like thrash and plenty of it Lethal Vice is for you.

Thrash Converters” another explosion in this new wave of old school Thrash metal that has been happening over the last couple of years, has come to the fold and brought with it some talented metal that is not for the faint-hearted. “Thrash Converters” starts off with a great introduction by using old school video game sounds to open it up followed by some nice quiet guitars. As soon as their track “In Greed we Trust” opens up, you know you are in for a good time, with fast guitars, gut-wrenching riffs, tight drumming, and ear gouging vocals.

After the first couple of listens to this album, it is evident they have used their influence but create their own sound; many of the riffs are very impressive and they are that tough and tight, they can compare to the early days of Sepultura. More on the guitar work – the dual soloing are most impressive, they are used at the right time and are not overdone. Their clean guitars are very haunting and reminded me of some Pantera clean style, the guitar solos are very well executed. Drums and bass are nicely tight and keep the music travelling at excellent speed and control. The vocals are a mixture of different thrash vocalists and sung well – sounds very good with the backing vocals, although I did find the vocalist lost some control when hitting some of the higher notes and makes it sound a little strained but this can be looked past as it does not affect any of this album’s talent.

So thrash lovers, you will enjoy this album as I did very much so and I hope these boys can keep at it and continue the great Thrash Tradition.

Release Year: 2014
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Spain

Reviewed by Brent Logan