Threads.: Releases first single “Tessera”

Threads. is a progressive rock band from Berlin, Germany. The band has just self-released their first single named “Tessera”, taken from their debut EP “Akasha”, now available on all major streaming platforms.

Threads. plays an ever-changing style of progressive metal with post-rock, ambient and stoner elements that form their unique musical style.


The band was formed in 2019. The current line-up features vocalist Tallon Smith, guitarist and songwriter Angelos Tzamtzis, guitarist Tim Crawford, bassist Vangelis Sazanides and drummer Felipe Melo Villaroel. Their debut EP “Akasha” was recorded at Kaos studios (Berlin) by Francisco Domini and Angelos Tzamtzis and self-released on June 24, 2021. Vangelis Sazanides created the futuristic artwork.

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