Zyphoyd – Three Days Of War (EP Review)

This barely known Metal Gem Zyphoyd rose from the streets of Melbourne, Australia back in 2006 as an instrumental project. This two-man group is heavily influenced by many different genres and pieces of music. They released their first EP in 2009 called “Prelude to the Storm“. In 2011 the boys changed their musical direction, went back to their roots, and brought vocals into their music but still kept their instrumental influences. In 2013 the boys from Melbourne released their second EP “Three days of War“.

Three days of War” is a very well-written EP and has elements to it that I have not heard played together before. I loved a band that is not afraid to experiment with the impossible and these boys have done it well. Zyphoyd describes their own music as a cross between Progressive, Thrash, Neo-Classical, with extreme elements which are true. After the first listen the elements that came to mind to me were, Black, Death, Thrash, and Power metal. One of the special things is the guitar soloing changing from a Power metal sounding solo into a Thrash metal solo and it played very well and very quickly – track 3 “The five elements” is a prime example.

Vocals are very deep and screamed very well. It seems very natural and even haunting. Haunting about this album is also the ambient sounds in the background which gives that extra edge and mood to their songs. Their transitioning from Thrash/Power solos to an all assault of brutality of heavy deep guitars and death growls is breathtaking. It is something that is not an easy thing to do but these guys do it very easily.

I think metalheads will enjoy this EP as it’s a very well-written EP with so many elements to it that make it stand out. I wish Zyphoyd all the best as they are an awesome Australian gem who definitely have the passion and skill to create music that stands out among the rest.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Brent Logan