Thrillogy – Soldiers of Ignorance (EP Review)

Thrillogy is a Moroccan metal band, founded in Casablanca back in 2012, with a lot of different influences, a style that’s ever-changing release after release, and an identity on its way to flourish and become a style of its own. It’s a very aggressive form of thrash with death metal influences, a wide range of vocal techniques and lots of grooves.

The EP Soldiers of Ignorance saw the light in 2018, following up on Thrillogy’s first full-length issue, « Evilution » and their single « Boundaries of no Limits ». It’s a four songs release, very tight and very diverse: groove, thrash, aggression and heavy breaks. All it takes to make a memorable metal masterpiece, short enough to make you go through it end to end, but long enough to give you all you need.

The four songs are balanced, as the release starts with the energetic « Humanator », condemning the human behaviours which affect our mother earth, and it’s a catchy tune, which grabs you from your collar and drags you into the rest of the EP through a punchy intro. It is then followed by a groovy middle finger to society, pissing on conformity and bullshit educational curriculums which turn us into prototypical « Soldiers of Ignorance », which is the song’s name.

The third song is a lesson on how to use your influences and still have your identity: « Extinct such Instinct » is a groovy thrasher which would be the unborn son Exodus and Pantera would have, it is made only better by the lyrics which condemn humanly pulsions.

We then come to the EP’s last song, which for me is the climax. I remember discovering it at a live show, before the release, and thinking that was a cover from some legendary band, only to then learn that a Moroccan band was capable of writing a galactic metal anthem. It’s a heavy and thick homage to several metal icons who are no longer with us. The song is technically very simple but oh boy how efficient it is. It also has the particularity that very few metal songs have: all the instruments have a solo.

If we were to look for a downside to this very decent EP, it would probably be the production, which undoubtedly is a step up from the previous releases, but still has room to improve (which it has on the single « Maximum Hunger » released in 2019). The vocals are a bit over the top in the mix, and it wouldn’t hurt the drums to have more space. The guitar tone is a delight, and it couldn’t be better. The fact that it’s a fully DIY album gives more credit to the band as the work done there is tremendous.

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Release Year: 2018
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Marocco

Reviewed by Oussama EL OUADIE