Throat – Blood Exaltation (EP Review)

Release Date: February 09th 2024 - Primitive Reaction

Throat - Blood Exaltation

An EP that consists of two new tracks and two old tracks (Being the New Flesh Nectar demo). Blood Exaltation the Polish triumvirate debut that is Throat could be considered one of the more harrowing experiences in recent memory.

Taking some moments from intense hardcore and the utter depravity of extreme grindcore,  they have merged it with a sense of utter darkness and pure black metal that Klątwa (curse)  is a nightmare of style rhythms and frantic times changes that are delivered in the urgency in an exorcism of utter release that purges the system and has dire consequences for the listener. The nine minutes of insanity that is ‘’Chuć’ is ominous in its spareness, the discordance scratching against the skin, abrasive, unforgiving and remorseless with its painful doom-inspired moments.

The soundscapes of New Flesh Nectar II are haunting, and soul-piercing before the vocals unleash themselves in utter anguish. The roughshod production a perfect representation of the presence that infects the music, even the most basic of rhythms are delivered in a matter that is distorted, unhuman in its presence, the mutation all-encompassing. The preceding nightmare that is New Flesh Nectar I a mere introduction to the utter bleakness and nihilism that is their music. The end inevitable,  inexorable its passing little relief.

Blood Exaltation is an experience in dread from the depths that plunge the listener into a maelstrom of despair and bleak violence. It takes the notion of art and music and twist it into a malevolent occultist force of black metal that is horrific, intense, and unforgiving.

Throat: N/A

Release Year: 2024
Label: Primitive Reaction
Category: EP
Country: Poland

Reviewed by Sparky