Thy Despair (Ukraine)

Metal-Roos: Greetings, Thy Despair, welcome to Metal-Roos! It’s an honour to have you here.

Thy Despair: Hi, thanks for invitation.

MR: Tell us a little bit about Thy Despair.

Thy Despair: We play dark symphonic metal and are ready to present our first LP album to the world.

MR: Finally the long-awaited debut album The Song of Desolation will be out on May 8. How do you feel about it?

Thy Despair: We have made a lot of work to make the release possible. We are happy with what we’ve got and are waiting for the album be released.

MR: A few days ago, the new single Falling Star was released worldwide. What are the first impressions of the reception?

Thy Despair: The reviews are quite positive.

MR: Many changes occurred in the line-up over time. You were even in stand-by modus. How did that influence today’s band musical direction?

Thy Despair: We had problems before, but starting from 2017 the band has a permanent line-up of talented and professional musicians. We all like different styles of metal and this influences our music in a good way making it more diverse.

MR: How was the recording process of the album?

Thy Despair: This was our first full album recording experience and we liked it. The process took more than a year and we want to thank our sound producer and QWERTY Records for patience and professional work.

MR: During all this time, what was the most exciting experience onstage?

Thy Despair: In fall 2019 we played on a metal concert which took place on a ship gliding the waters of Dnipro river during the whole show. It is amazing when the ship rocks on waves but you feel it like your guitar riffs do it.

MR: Any funny anecdotes of Thy Despair?

Thy Despair: We have a cover for Ajattara – Ilon Päivä song, but as far as we don’t know Finnish, we replaced its lyrics with the lyrics of a New Year children song called The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree which fitted perfectly.

MR: Any good vibes to the metal fans around the world?

Thy Despair: In these hard times stay healthy and support Thy Despair \m/

MR: Thanks, Thy Despair, it was an honour to have you here! Please tell us your social networks to follow your career.

Thy Despair: Facebook

Interview Date: 2020-05-01

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez