Tygers of Pan Tang – Majors and Minors

Tigers of Pang Tang - Majors and minors

Having reviewed the Tygers latest studio album here on this very page not that long ago, It’s a good feeling to be reviewing yet another. This time a compilation album, now there are two camps when it comes to a best-of record. One camp loves the fact that they can take what is consider a band’s best songs around and not have to think too much about it. The other camp will roll their eyes and tut loudly and proudly bemoan the fact it’s just another money maker with not much effort. I have a foot in both camps depending on the band that is.

Herewith the Tygers following closely on the back of what I thought was the best record from the NWOBHM legends in many a year (2019) RITUAL. Many of the biggest bands in the world use this formula. And why not if you have captured a new audience then nothing wrong with hooking with more of your gear.

Here in this tight little 10-track package on Vinyl and 15 on Cd, you get the best of the last 13 years of the band (their revival years). For a long time fan such as my self, it was nice to run through some of the not so well known classics from recent outings. All of them as you would expect punchy fun-filled rock n roll. Always on the lighter side of the NWOBHM juggernaut, which punched, it’s way out of the UK in 1980. The Tygers along with bands like Praying Mantis and Grim Reaper were the heart and soul of a movement, dominated by bands that would go on to be household names. Covering 4 Albums you can see that the band are not as prolific as a lot of modern rock and metal bands, but this is on reflection is a good thing. The music they have produced is of VERY high quality; it was always going to be a tough ask following a record like a Cadge that in 1982 sold 200,000 copies. And for a small rock band, from Whitley Bay a sleepy part of England this was an amazing result. To this day it stands as one of THE records of the then-new musical movement.

In conclusion, firstly take a listen to The Cadge and then Rituals from 2019 and then this album contains 3 tracks from the 2019 epic. And you will hear a band in transition from Classic British heavy metal to a universally gifted heavy rock outfit that could teach a lot to the youngsters of today’s music circuit a thing or two.

Just goes to show you cannot cadge the TYGERS OF PAN TANG

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Mighty Music
Category: Album
Country: UK

Reviewed by Tony Evans

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