Tomes Of Ruin – Titan’s Fist (EP Review)

Tomes of Ruin spawned from their native land of Orange, New South Wales, in March of 2013. They seemed to of form fairly quickly and started writing material straight away. They are fond of Norse and Greek Mythology and tend to write about these subjects and also other things as well. After playing a lot of live shows in their local area they recorded and released their debut E.P. ‘Titan’s Fist‘.

Titan’s Fist‘ is first and foremost a heavy album with a lot of different influences coming out. The music is very well put together and is played professionally throughout the E.P. It’s diverse and dirty, blending clean guitars and dirty guitars with a strong rhythm behind it. The vocals are haunting and they do fit in, though unfortunately they somewhat sound repetitive and I felt the vocals were more interested in telling a story (which is important) than focusing on the sound of the vocals in some parts – they could’ve been sung more appropriately in some parts. Other than that it’s a good debut from Tomes of Ruin.

Tomes of Ruin, as I said earlier are heavy and fans of Amon Amarth would definitely rejoice in their sound as they do bring a good range of diversity with them and this strong debut.

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Release Year: 2014
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Brent Logan