TOXIK – Dis Morta (Album Review)

Release Date: August 05th 2022 - Massacre Records

TOXIK - Dis Morta

Toxik is a thrash metal band from the USA formed in the mid-eighties by guitarist Josh Christian at the height of the American thrash metal evolution. With Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, and Slayer spearheading America’s worldwide assault, bands such as Toxik melded speed with thrash, and a punk-inspired attitude to deliver a crushing mix of metal. The band’s debut ‘World Circus’ (1987) was a blistering rampage of high-velocity thrash, followed quickly by the quintessential ‘Think This’ (1989). Splitting up in 1992, the band remained quiet for two decades – returning to the world stage in 2013, performing at a number of festivals including Dynamo, Keep It True, and Headbangers Open Air. The band went on to release three E.P.’s – ‘In Humanity’ (2014), ‘Breaking Class’ (2017), and ‘Kinetic Closure’ (2018), which features re-recorded songs from ‘World Circus’ and ‘Think This’, along with introducing the band’s new singer Ron Iglesias. And now, in 2022, Toxik release their third album ‘Dis Morta’ – an incredible thirty-three years after its predecessor…

…featuring ten songs displaying the band’s penchant for writing lyrics surrounding socio-political topics. The new album is brought to life with the title song ‘Dis Morta’ – a bold, big, and brash slab of heavy-hitting thrash that’s gonna wake up the neighbors! The anticipation fuelled the first couple of minutes before the vocals kick in, is well worth the agonizing wait. For when the vocals kick in, so do the rest of the band! ‘Dis Morta’ (the song) becomes a ferociously fast-paced romp. The long wait for a follow-up to 1989’s incredible ‘Think This’ has most definitely been worth it! The album stormed on with the electrifying speed of ‘Feeding Frenzy’. The mosh pits of the world becoming a mass of frenzied thrashing, heads nodding back and forth at a furious rate of knots. What an explosive opening double.

The three decades between albums have not dulled the band’s fierce thrash metal attack, Toxik marching on with the feisty ‘The Radical’, and a more traditional thrash sound than the two previous songs. Toxik was always a band to poke and push the boundaries of the thrash metal genre, occasionally stepping into crossover territory. But we’re equally adept at delivering full-on and in-your-face traditional thrash. Scorching pace makes its presence felt again with the high velocity ‘Power’ – matching the likes of Over Kill for intensity, sound, and feel. Toxik mean business with their new album, displaying hunger and a huge appetite for thrashing hard!

And talking of thrashing hard – you won’t be with ‘Hyper Reality’, the band stepping into crossover territory. A meld of slower passages, mid-tempo meandering, and progressive-like instrumentals, ‘Hyper Reality’ stands out as a fearless exploration of new horizons – Toxik is not afraid to experiment and expand their soundscape. With an injection of speed, ‘Creating The Abyss’ takes off like a rocket, slowing down to a bludgeoning mid-paced avalanche of aural devastation! ‘Creating The Abyss’ melding crossover and traditional thrash to great effect. Older fans who remember Toxik‘s first two albums are gonna appreciate the direction of the band’s new one – younger fans who have never heard them, may just wonder “what the hell”.

But fear not youngsters, high-velocity thrash makes an emphatic return in the mighty shape of the blistering ‘Straight Razor’ – the fastest song heard so far. The speed is incredible – land speed records in danger of crumbling as Toxik power forth with electrifying energy. And a head bang ability so fierce there’s a real danger head could be banged right off their shoulders! ‘Chasing Mercury’ on the other hand sits at the lighter end of the thrash metal genre – parading a mid-tempo foot stomp that straddles the border between crossover and thrash. Toxik forever stretching their horizons, not content to be pigeonholed as just another thrash metal band.

And believe me, they’re not! Toxik is mentioned in the same breath as bands such as Anthrax and Mordred – both leaders in the realms of crossover metal. And now for something not too many thrash metal bands dare do – explore ballad territory. Toxik do with ‘Devil In The Mirror’ – for the first minute anyway! And then good God almighty – ‘Devil In The Mirror’ accelerates at a phenomenal rate to become the new fastest song heard so far! Headbang’s ability rises off the charts, with moshers all around the world loving this one. The album is brought to a close with the heavy thunderstorm ‘Judas’ – and a final flourish into crossover territory. Not to mention a touch progressive too! Toxik ending their third album in terrific style.

Overall, a blistering journey of thrash metal, heavy, head bang-able, and intense, Toxik are back and thrashing very hard.


Dis Morta
Feeding Frenzy
The Radical
Hyper Reality
Creating The Abyss
Straight Razor
Chasing Mercury
Devil In The Mirror

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Massacre Records
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, and Metal-Roos.