Trashqueen (Australia)

Metal-Roos: Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in day to day life and experiences usually, just write about things I’ve seen and done or things I’ve been through.

M-R: What is your favourite lyric from one of your songs and is there a meaning behind it?

Don’t know if I have a favourite lyric in particular. I was happy with how the lyrics in our last single turned out. Song is called Circle Round the Sun and is basically just about getting through another year and all the good and bad shit that shapes you as a person along the way.

M-R: Have you toured? If so where and if not are there any plans to do so?

Havn’t done much touring with the band yet but have plans to get into the studio by the new year and get out on the road.

M-R: What is on your current playlist at the moment?

Listen to a lot of different music but been really into a lot of dark folk blues stuff recently like Tyler Childress, The Dead South, Shawn James etc. Also have been listening to a lot of Marcus King Band lately.

M-R: The record you have listened to most in your life?

I think the album I’ve listened to most in my life is probably a tie between Paranoid and Cowboys from Hell. Both albums played a big role in my style of playing and love for heavy music.

M-R: Your favourite song to play live?

Favourite song in our set to play live for me is a tune called Lucid. It’s just got this heavy groove to it that is good fun to jam.

M-R: Do you remember the first song you wrote? What was it called?

Think the first song Trashqueen ever wrote was called New Tattoo and it was pretty cheesy as hell haha

M-R: How long has the band been together and how did you come together?

Band has been together since 2010. We were all drunk on NYE and decided to form a band and just kept going from there.

M-R: Who did the artwork for your song Circle Around the Sun?

Artwork for Circle Around the Sun was done by Jase Harper.

Interview Date: 2019-09-06

Interviewer: Tina Summers