Grand Magus – Triumph And Power (Album Review)

Grand Magus - Triumph And Power

Viking/Medieval style metal is what these guys bring to the table but it just sounds like something is missing. The album is not necessarily a bad one but it just sounds like it’s lacking that certain something. The production seems to lack punch and seems somewhat amateurish. I’m not saying I could do a better job of it but certainly when there is a lead guitar break you want it to be heard and not for it to be buried in the mix which happens on a couple of songs and the same goes for the backing vocals.

The songs sound almost painted by numbers, the riffs come across as generic and the playing is also missing oomph (yes, I did just use the word oomph in a metal review). The use of acoustic guitar and keys to try to add layers is also done an injustice by the mix leaving. There’s nothing here to raise this album above the mediocre. Overall the album is very forgettable and will probably sit there gathering dust on your shelf as you pass it by saying to yourself “I’ll get to it later” and reach for something else. It’s a case of I can see what they’re trying to do but they’re falling short of the mark. To quote another review I once read “this is so middle of the road it’s got lines running through it”. If you like this style of metal you’ll probably enjoy this release but I still think you won’t be giving it more than a handful of spins.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Chris Xynos