Twelve Foot Ninja: Release new single ‘Start The Fire’

Australia’s maniacal rock-fusioneers Twelve Foot Ninja snuck back into the world’s eyes and ears last month with the stealthy drop of their single Long Way Home, the first taste of new music since their album OUTLIER in 2016. That single came with a 2D platformer videogame as a way to introduce the music video. Long Way Home peaked at #1 on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal in the US and inspired comparisons to a Gotham City car chase.

Now the band releases their follow up single Start The Fire. It winds in with the lupine howl of a Tibetan kangling (a horn made out of a human femur). A chirruping pattern of digitised tablas and sliding panes of silvery synths then ratchet the tension before a demented scream and a snarling, bass-heavy, bowel-emptying riff drops in!

In the words of guitarist Stevic Mackay: “Start The Fire drew lyrical inspiration from Todd Phillips and Scott Silver’s portrayal of the Joker.
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Twelve Foot Ninja also just announced on their socials that they have big news coming in the week following this single release. We’re watching!

Twelve Foot Ninja: Facebook