Tygers Of Pan Tang – A New Heart Beat (EP Review)

Release Date: February 25th 2022 - Mighty Music

Tygers Of Pan Tang - A New Heart Beat

It’s that time again where we stand shoulder to shoulder amongst the gods of rock n roll. Breaking bread, singing, drinking, and carousing. This pleasure has been mine for more than 4 decades now. Not very many of them are as influential and as fun as The Tygers Of Pan Tang. Soldiers in the battle for musical supremacy. In a war strewn with the bodies of the giants of Prog, and the rotting carcasses of heavy rock monsters long dead. Punk had conquered all before it. The blandness of 80’s pop lay beyond the violence and nihilism of the late ’70s. Lay in their wake. Like many gods, they bide their time and when stars align then its time and that time was 1980

And in one glorious moment, The Tygers fashioned one of the most exciting and gloriously enjoyable records of the NWOBHM movement. Wild Cat is an album that needs no more words written about it as I think all the superlatives have been used. But I will sneak these past the keeper. A New Heart Beat EP is a reworking of two classics from said first album Fireclown and Killers. Reworked whilst in lockdown. It’s always a little sensitive subject for me when bands rework songs that I love so much. BUT my fears are were quashed when I plugged this between my ears. Both quiet classics and the blueprint of what was NWOBHM. Bass-driven fast rock roll, Spitting overdriven guitars, thumping syncopation that makes your heart jump. And let’s not forget a vocal performance from evergreen frontman Jack Meille that is almost beyond words.

Now as for the two new tracks the title track A New Heart Beat and Red Mist are a taster of what’s to come for the next album. And I for one cannot wait. It’s a breath of fresh air when bands as established as the Tygers Of Pan Tang release EPs. It’s not just the domain of the small bands. I wish more of the bigger acts would do this it keeps the scene fresh vibrant and the band in the public eye. And this uncertain time we all live in, this could not be more important. This is one hell of a band and one hell of an EP do yourself a big favor grab this where ever you get your music and for a moment in your day you too can rub shoulders with the gods.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Mighty Music
Category: EP
Country: UK

Reviewed by Tony Evans