UK Folk horror metal band Edenfall to release new album “To Gaze Longer at the Earth”


Edenfall, the trailblazing pioneers of folk horror metal, are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their highly anticipated third studio album, To Gaze Longer at the Earth. This self-released masterpiece is set to captivate listeners with its chilling tales of Anglo-Saxon paganism, dark mythology and the primal forces of nature. Mark your calendars for July 14th, 2023 as this monumental release will redefine the boundaries of the genre.

To Gaze Longer at the Earth is a haunting concept album that delves deep into the realms of ancient folklore and offers a gripping narrative. Each song serves as a distinct chapter in a bone chilling tale, enveloping listeners in an atmospheric world of otherworldly beauty and macabre mystique. Edenfall’s relentless passion for storytelling is on full display as they weave together a musical tapestry that transcends traditional boundaries.

Featuring the singles The Wild Hunt, Oaken and Womb of Winter, the band’s latest opus has been meticulously crafted and showcases their growth since their previous release in 2014. With a
renewed sense of purpose and a dark vision in mind, Edenfall presents a unique amalgamation of atmospheric folk melodies, crushing metal riffs and captivating harmonies that will leave listeners spellbound.

To Gaze Longer at the Earth boasts an impressive roster of talent, with the album being mixed and mastered by the esteemed Mike Lamb (Ghost Bird Studios) from Sojourner. Adding another
layer of brilliance, Aaron Stainthorpe from My Dying Bride lends his haunting vocals to the final track, To Howl at an Orbless Sky. Further enhancing the album’s impact, the captivating artwork for To Gaze Longer at the Earth has been masterfully created by the talented Joan Llopis Doménech, evoking the album’s themes and setting the stage for an immersive journey. In addition, the album’s visual aesthetics are complemented by the stunning photography of Garett Mensching and Beccy Dancer, who have beautifully captured the essence of Edenfall’s atmospheric universe.

This album is a testament to the band’s relentless pursuit of musical excellence and their unwavering commitment to crafting immersive storytelling experiences. This release will undoubtedly solidify their position as a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. Prepare to be transported to a realm where ancient gods and primal fears collide.



Edenfall - To Gaze Longer At The Earth