US tech death metal Unit The Eating Cave unleash lyric video for “Aggregate Vanity I: Heretical Hypotheses”

The Earting Cave - Ingurgitate

Virginia Beach, VA technical death metal band The Eating Cave have recently unleashed a lyric video for a brand new off their debut album “Ingurgitate“, to be released on June 10th.

Titled “Aggregate Vanity I: Heretical Hypotheses“, this new video is now playing at Metal Injection, who said the following about the track: “this is guttural, disgusting death metal played with such precision and finesse that it’s basically impossible to dislike.”

The band adds the following about the track and album: “This song is part of a two-part message that illustrates the situation the world has always faced in exploitation and inhumanity. Science being dismissed and demonized in favour of ideological stubbornness. The lyrics describe things like a religion and tribalism as a living beast, feeding on the minds of the populace and tainting our own freewill with misinformation.

“Our debut record was recorded over the course of late 2020 and early 2021. We made an effort to combine everything we love about the extreme metal sub-genres and combine them into one relentless assault on the senses. What started as a creative compromise blossomed into a philosophy, and from this Ingurgitate was born. This album is about all of the horrors we as a species have faced from the beginning of time that have been amplified over these past few years. We have been paying attention, and we are pissed-off.”

Formed in the middle of the pandemic and with elements spread out across the United State, The Eating Cave are now ready to unleash their massively brutal debut album “Ingurgitate”, an album that finds the four-piece employing a variety of structures and complex time signatures, striking a perfect balance of heavy, more mid-paced grooves and angular, frenzied rhythms full of unorthodox guitar riffs. Creative and musically complex throughout, “Ingurgitate” already exhibits an astonishing musicianship and intelligent songwriting skills. Pre-orders are now available here.