Utter Failure – Life Has No More Meaning (Album Review)

Release Date: July 13th 2022 - Belfry Records SL

US one-man act Utter Failure has released their debut, the remorseful ‘’ Life Has No More Meaning’’ an Ep of suffering and isolation.

This is not just another DSBM act that is lost in mindless speed and wailings of despondency, Utter Failure excels in the slower tempos that allow some of the larger expansive riffs to be heard and felt. The Claustrophobic abyss that is ‘’Cold Existence’’ is only enhanced by the torturous pace and the cavernous vocals are thoughtful and purposeful. ‘’Unheard Cries’’ and the title track are epic moments of meticulously crafted black metal that seek acknowledgment and possible atonement in an environment where all hope is lost.

‘’Agony and Despair’’ continues the utter sense of loss and the almost doom-like pace of crawling through existence. It is enhanced by the atmosphere created by moments of tremolo that are offset by the massive bottom-end riffs and bass that drag the song into existence. The recording is excellent as is the musicianship

Five odes to pain and Suffering ‘’ Life Has No More Meaning’’ Is a singular journey into the depths of an individual’s psyche that is broken, tortured, and damaged. Where the aggression has given way to abandonment, it is no less heavy, a cathartic experience where hopefully some beauty has been found in the darkness.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Belfry Records SL
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Sparky