V by Voyager

It has been a pleasure listening to this album and having the opportunity to review it. It took me quite a few times to play all the songs to grasp everything that is going on in this new release from arguably one of Australia’s finest progressive metal exports: Voyager.

From highly technical riff work, to soaring vocals, keyboard synth solos, solid drumming… this album has it all. Listening this to the release has transported me away to another place, on a mystical musical journey ( no added substances involved 🙂 ).

Each track has an own story to tell in its own unique way – progressive metal at its finest! Epic is a word thrown around too easily but I think it’s the perfect word to describe the music Voyager has created in "V".

It is an album that you need to listen to a few times to fully appreciate how much talent these dudes have. I’m going out on a limb here but I think Voyager are Australia’s answer to Dream Theatre, if not better.

I can’t pick out a favourite track because they all have different elements going on but tied all together in huge conceptual web interwoven to create an elaborate album.

I’m guessing that for Voyager this is the album of a life time that will take them up to the highest pinnacles of success. And so shall it be, this album is brilliant. Well done! For those who aren’t afraid to open your mind to progressive concepts this is definitely one album not to miss on… I can put my hand up and say I AM VOYAGER.

Release Year: 2014
Country: Australia

Reviewer: Chris Rankin

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