V/Haze Miasma – Nebula (EP Review)

Beautiful yet brutal, sombre, and uplifting, encapsulating the juxtaposition between darkness and light V/Haze Miasma is a musical freedom that is delivered passionately with intense commitment.

Nebula Is not only the logical progression for Germany’s V/Haze Miasma after their excellent debut ‘’agenda: endure’’, it continues their musical evolution, the four elements/musicians that are Atmosphere, Wisdom, Shine and Roar are reflections of their music and ideology. Primal earthen tones and timbres that stir the soul, wistful, damning, ferocious, and terrifying.

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Nebula is a Huge EP  with its excellent recording that allows you to be engulfed by the various guitar parts, the dual vibrato/ harsh vocal lines, and the excellent double kick patterns “Nebula’’ is the Introduction Whilst “Hypocrite… Another Vicious Grimace” takes all their musical elements and with some seamless tempo changes creates an eight-minute journey that begins somewhere with Post, Black Metal, Progressive, Metal and creates a path all uniquely their own.

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“Hubris Redux” could be no different from the original that was all flames and fury. Redux is melancholic piano with multiple vocals that stir and uplift your primal essence, yet it is also sombre tinged with sadness. The level of musicianship is without peer and their sense of direction and purpose so clear that you cannot help but be consumed by it and enjoy all the rich textures they have on offer.

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Nebula feels like a bridge between two worlds and a glorious introduction of what is to follow, after you have finished listening not only will you want to hear more but what they going to deliver next. Musically exciting and Lyrically subversive Nebula is essential listening.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Supreme Chaos Records
Category: EP
Country: Germany

Reviewed by Sparky