Vapuleador – Animales del Cao (Re-Issue Review)


Animales del Cao is the first re-release album of the Thrash Metal band Vapuleador from Argentina. Let’s speak about the whole release: it is interesting because it’s in Spanish. The themes revolve around violence, destruction, apathy, social madness and most of the typical elements of Thrash Metal. The musical execution is very accurate and good timing at rhythms and riffs, it captures all of the good thrashy sound and you can easily find the influences of this group. After listening to it some times it becomes an addictive experience.

The instrumental work is good and fits the genre standards making it a good listen. The lyrical work is very interesting and I really enjoyed it. I encourage you to listen to it carefully you will get a bit surprised, my favourite song is Misantropia because of the vocalist’s voice. Maybe it’s not the clear or even perfect voice, but who cares? Its raspy and crunchy vocalization works really nice; it is like a locomotive running wild through the words, mixing of this release is well worked. Some songs sound a little shape-boxed but it maintains the roughness and destruction feeling, some things can be improved but they definitely have done a good work

It’s nice and is a really good one that I like from a band in Argentina. So give it a try, even if you haven’t ever listened to any metal band in the Latin American scene.

Release Year: 2020
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Argentina

Reviewed by Trent Painless (Seth)