VICTORIA K: New Video ‘Matrix’ ft. Sheri Vengeance (Black Like Vengeance, ex. Ne Obliviscaris) out now

Australia’s Victoria K has unleashed her debut album “Essentia”, out now as of April 24, 2020 via Rockshots Records. The full length was produced by Lee Bradshaw and features special guest Michalina Malisz (Eluveitie). In celebration of the album’s release, Victoria K is sharing her new music video ‘Matrix’ featuring Sheri Vengeance (Black Like Vengeance, ex. Ne Obliviscaris).

The video can be viewed here:

Victoria K adds about the track:

“The Matrix is about what the world currently is and to what state it may evolve into due human ignorance and arrogance.  As people, we believe we have total control over the natural path of the universe, but in fact, we just become a product of what we put out.  Slaves to our own creation and narrative.”

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