VOYAGER – Fearless In Love (Album Review)

Release Date: July 14th 2023 - Season of Mist

Voyager - Fearless in Love

The mighty Australian band Voyager have sent shockwaves across the globe. Finishing third in this year’s Eurovision, the five-piece progressive pop band, having been around for a whopping 21 years, has been hurled into the limelight of glorious fame. I’m pretty sure every European household watched intensely while Australia cheered them on. Demanding the respect, they deserved and putting not just Australia but Perth on the map for having amazing talent. Looking back at the early part of their career and having witnessed several of their performances myself, I can honestly say that this band was destined to make it from the very beginning. Comparing Voyagers’ very first album, Element V, to the current, Fearless in Love, it is evident that their style remains true to what Danny Estrin had envisioned from the start.

Fearless in Love, the title alone depicts that Voyager follows their own path on topics the predictable metal bands of today shy away from. This is an album of equality between futuristic synths and technical guitar riffs, challenging the disbelief that metal can’t be beautiful, modern, mellow and heavy simultaneously. We are proved wrong. Fearless in Love is all those things and more.

The Best Intentions, a discovery of atmospheric pleasure accompanied by the distinct Estrin Voice, is detailed in emotion and lyrical splendour. Music for the thinker and the feeler.

Blurring the elements of Trans and Pop, Prince of Fire paving the way for Ultraviolet, quickening the pace. The technical aspect of the Voyager begins to shine through with Ashley Doodkortes’ drumming at the heart of it. It is here where the vocals show an element of true metal spirit.

The catchy opening lines of Dreamer, a creative hook invoking in the minds of all the words to follow on. I believe this track to be one of the stars of this album. “I’ve got no place to go I got no place to be than right here right now”

The Lamenting, is equally as catchy as its previous counterpart. While Submarines, a clever change-up just over two minutes into the song is enough to keep any die-hard prog fan happy.

The infamous Promise, “have you ever done anything like this before?” An abundance of phenomenal hooks, “Promise me it’s gonna be alright.”

Alex Canion steals the show with a promiscuous bass line drawing all our attention throughout Twisted, shaking us all to the core but soon rivalled by the soaring solos and guitar riffage from both Simone Dow and Scott Kay as we envision them dance around a crowded stadium.

One of the things I really love about this album is the absence of the super long introductions that are present in the majority of Prog-like music, Daydream is one of them. One could almost say that Voyager hovers at the edge of Djent rather than Prog. However, whatever the correct label, their music speaks for itself.

Listen and Gren, bring us back to the sweet spot of floating mellowness that is ever present throughout this masterpiece. A Simply magnificent creation.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Season of Mist
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by GG Baf