Wardaemonic – Acts of Repentance (Album Review)


Hailing from (Perth\Western Australia) …this band has truly created something extraordinary with this album entitled Acts of Repentance!!!

The journey begins with opening track act i: Introspection, the first sounds that you hear are those of wind and distant solitary keys, drawing the listener into a false sense of calm. This subtle and atmospheric intro gives way to the sounds of the apocalypse only 10 seconds in… the song explodes into extreme darkness, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and begins pummelling the life out of you.

This album does not dimmer in intensity for the next 45 minutes. the drumming is insanely bombastic (beating the listener into total submission). The bass drops are explosive and the grating riffs cut and slice through the audio terrorism. The harsh and evil sounding vocals interrogate your soul while flourishes of electronic keys create an eerily beautiful backdrop. This adds some atmospheric depth to this masterpiece. Acts of Repentance is an extremely authentic and intricate concept album with 5 tracks each mirroring a different act …hence the title.

act ii: admission continues on the same destructive path as introspection with a haunting and doomy riff, pulling the listener into the abyss before once again kicking our arse. I must once again mention both vocalists (Maelstrom and Lord Bane) who absolutely send chills down your spine with their thought-provoking lyrics and demonic vocals. This brutal 2nd track starts to momentarily break down on itself shedding cracks of light in amongst the darkness, with some haunting clean vocals and doomy guitar tones.

These moments truly add a different dimension to the apocalyptic barrage, created by Wardaemonic and these flourishes subtlety appear throughout the entire album, from this point on. This band has a very European black metal sound and it blows my mind that it was written and created right here,  in sunny Perth.

At times, this album sounds like its channelling and opening a dark vortex that is going to eat us alive and end life as we know it. It is honestly that damn intense, extreme and insane!!! I am not gonna talk about every individual song here as this is an album that really needs to be heard to be experienced, in a rare state of extreme perfection, all 5 of these audio assaults come together timelessly to make acts of repentance such a standout album.

There is honestly no weak songs and every single song adds a new dimension to this album.  As the journey continues the album continues to give birth to more atmospheric textures (clean vocals/female vocals/keys/doomy textures) allowing lights of pure beauty to escape and shine brightly from this slab of utter darkness.

The climax for me personally peaks at act iv: Sufferance as the extreme levels of aural assault and battery clash magically with the beautiful flourishes of angelic clean vocals and atmospheric keys, creating an almost out-of-body experience. I honestly felt my soul leaving my body while listening to this song. this is transcending music that takes the listener on a spiritual journey indeed. In the duration of listening to Acts of Repentance, at times it felt like I was drowning. At times I got claustrophobic and at times I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust but never once did I feel disconnected from this album, the entire album consumed me from start to finish. Wardaemonic take musical risks at every turn and these risks are what makes this album so damn exciting and so damn special …just when ya think you have this album worked out and you know what’s coming next.

I promise you that ya don’t and when all of the chaos cracks wide open at the 40-minute mark of this album during closer act v: Repentance to reveal a big ‘ole funky and groovy bass break, that you honestly just wanna shake your arse too …all that I have spoken off will make perfect sense.

This album is both dark as fuck and fucken brilliant, exactly how I like my extreme metal. as this musical art is so layered. I suggest that you dim the lights, kick back and listen to this phenomenal album through some killer headphones. Just don’t get too comfortable as this album encourages utter discomfort. on a finishing note… if the most destructive storm known to man, swallowed up an entire war and single-handedly destroyed the world as we know it (acts of repentance) …would certainly be getting played at full volume on the war-storm stereo! This is the sound of the APOCALYPSE.

I can not fault this album and for that reason, I am highly recommending this album from Wardaemonic.

Release Year: 2020
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Metal\Edd/