Avarin – Wasteland (EP Review)

Avarin has returned to the fold again with their 3 track EP The Wasteland. Avarin had already had some success over the past few years for example supporting Power/Symphonic metallers Kamelot in 2012; this support slot was possible thanks to the success of their debut album Requiem which had been released in 2011. Avarin has established a good following around the local scene and also playing interstate.

Avarin’s EP The Wasteland follows the same formula of progressive and diverse music with some powerful and emotional vocals. I have found the EP to sound tight and well thought through with the music telling a story. I am a fan of progressive and off-beat drumming and Avarin does it well. There might be some parts that seem a little out but it doesn’t distract the listener from what is going on. Bass and guitars are tight and for this style of metal it is difficult to keep in time with some of the music that is played but it remains solid. There is some excellent soloing giving the music that extra contrast.

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This brings us to the vocals: excellent harmonies and backing vocals bring some more depth and emotion to the main vocals. The singer does a great job. He has an orthodox style which is a perfect fit with this type of band.

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The boys have two heavier tracks and a ballad on this EP which shows their diversity. Fans of Tool/Perfect Circle will love this EP. There is also some old school riffing like Black Sabbath in the mix as well. I am looking forward to their next full album as it surely will be a work of art.

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Avarin: Facebook

Release Year: 2014
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Brent Logan