Generation Kill – We’re All Gonna Die (Album Review)

Generation Kill is a band that formed out of the ashes of some great outfits, featuring a former member of thrash monsters Exodus, hardcore riff titans Pro-Pain and ex-members of Mutilation and Merauder. I really did expect a sonic ear-bashing from this release, and sorry to say I was left a little disappointed with these New York thrashers.

There’s nothing musically you can pinpoint to say they’ve underachieved.
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Musically they’re veterans of the metal scene, well-rehearsed and they know their instruments inside out. But I couldn’t help but think I’d heard this album before; it was a weird sensation, almost a deja vu. There didn’t seem to be a lot of originality in the song structures, jigsaw-like, each part seemed to be taken from other bands and glued together to form this 8 track album.

There are definitely parts where it’s a thrashing good time, but in certain parts – especially when they crank out some acoustic pieces with spoken word voiceovers and almost ballad type segment in a couple of tracks – it really just didn’t seem to fit the New York style, I was ready for when I listened to it.

The members former bands are a definite influence on this album, you can hear the Exodus influence and the Pro-Pain, but this is very much a step backward for these members out doing their own thing and it isn’t a shadow on what is being released by Thrash bands at the moment. Honestly, this isn’t even in the ballpark, this is more like the bloke selling the peanuts strapped to his chest in the bleachers.
If you don’t like your Thrash nasty this will more than likely appeal to you. I am actually having trouble putting this album in the Thrash genre, it’s more of a limp wristed cousin to these member’s predecessors and I really don’t know where they’re going with this release.

If I was to name a couple of semi-decent highlights, the title track “We’re All Going to Die” isn’t a bad little ditty, and the track “Friendly Fire” shows the promise that I was expecting from this album. Then they pull out the song “Carny Love” which almost had me turning it off and funnelling hydrochloric acid into my ears to get rid of the yuk!

Overall this won’t appeal to the Thrash purists or those who like their musical ear-bashing heavy and angry.
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Yet I guess there’s a market for Generation Kill out there, but it sure as hell didn’t shake my tree, tickle my fancy or even strike me pink. Good luck to them but they’re going to have to find a new level of originality.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Hayden G.M.