Werewolves – What a Time to be Alive (Album Review)

Werewolves are a tech death band from Australia’s home of death metal bands – Melbourne!

Formed in 2019 ‘What a Time to be Alive’ follows their 2020 album ‘The Dead Are Screaming’ and is quick at 34 minutes with an interesting cover pic – a hellscape and two people fighting to the death, nice!

‘I Don’t Like You’ is the sort of song you’d love to send to a boss, coworker or that guy that starts mowing the lawn at 8:00 on a Saturday morning. There are good vocals: power and delivery are right for this style and the lower growl range has a great tone. ‘Mission Statement’ starts with a grindcore style drum intro, lots of double kick and minimal cymbal use. It’s a high tempo song, like most of the album, but keeps that grindcore theme throughout the song.

‘Antisocial’ is textbook tech death, rolling drum intro with some high-quality blast beats, good use of cymbals here and a strong riff from both rhythm and bass players. The bass is pretty heavy throughout the album and you need that style of super-low bass for an album like this to work, and it does!

‘They Will Pay with Their Own Blood’ wraps up the album for me and is a lot slower than preceding tracks. It’s still technically interesting and shows that the band is capable of more than violent high-speed death metal.

All in all a great second album!

Werewolves: Facebook

Release Year: 2021
Label: Prosthetic Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Adam Poole

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