What goes up must come down in Rebel Priest’s rockin’ new single “Dïvebomber”

Rebel Priest

Vancouver’s Rebel Priest is three friends that have been ripping it up through rock n’ roll for years now, across Canada and the world. Their current incarnation is grease-infused trash n’ roll with a penchant for turning it up loud and getting sweaty! They have a new album “Lesson In Love” coming out shortly which will be the fifth under their studded belts. The second single is “Dïvebomber“, a classic sounding tune that the band explains further:

“Dïvebomber is a speed rock song that came together as we were chatting about WW2 dogfights and how crazy they must have been. We thought that nothing could be crazier than a dïvebomber so we picked up our instruments and it just bled out! It’s about flying high, going fast, and touching the sun, all before using gravity to get the job done. Red Hot Hate. ”

In the beginning, Rebel Priest started out flirting with a lot of different genres to see what they liked and what they could pull off, ultimately they returned to their roots and have their feet firmly planted in rock n’ roll, or at least their particular style of trash n’ roll. On “Dïvebomber”, fans will definitely hear their early speed rock influences and across the rest of the record – their own brand of heavy rock n’ roll that has a slurry of influences including NWOTHM, and glam metal.

Taking lyrical content from things they have seen or experienced, or cool stuff they are into like sci-fi, horror, 80’s comedies, and comics, Rebel Priest adds a kick-ass soundtrack to relatable lyrics that will get you up out of your seat and singing along. They work collaboratively, making sure that everyone is on board and the music just flows.



Rebel Priest - Lesson In Love