Winds Of Tragedy – Hating Life (Album Review)


Winds Of Tragedy - Hating Life

Winds Of Tragedy is the work of the ever-prolific Sergio González Catalán. Hating Life is the follow-up to’’ As Life Drifts Away,’’ and as you would expect, it is more of the Chilean violent black metal turmoil.

Hating Life is an album full of bile and vitriol and third release in a scant eighteen months.  It is a unique style where the morose melancholy of the vocals that are slowly and offset by the speed of the music. ‘’I Choose to Die’’ is depressive without self-pity, just a mere statement of cold-hearted inevitability that takes a quickened turn into its own oblivion. “Death Love” and “Wake Me Up from This Act” are more thoughts conjured into blackened life, yet the title track ‘’Hating Life’’ is the most traditionally metal but do not assume its up-tempo moments bring any light to the record. Hating Life is almost painfully bleak and disconsolate, the speed of the guitar work and guest drummer Emidio Ramos create an onslaught that will leave you numb battered and senseless.

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Conjuring elements of the artist’s other notable project, Rise to the Sky. “No Reason to Go on” takes a massive step back with its haunting cello and full doom arrangement. It is a track so strong that it complements the cold depressive vocal style completely before it too hurtles off into oblivion before its return to a mid-paced coda that is no less extreme.

Hating Life is a record that is perfectly intense, yet its influences are obvious and links to other projects detract from making it a unique experience.

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However, it takes different journeys to the same destination and never disappoints with its sheer brutality and despondency.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Meuse Music Records/Tragedy Productions
Category: Album
Country: Chile

Reviewed by Sparky