Witches of Doom – Funeral Radio (Album Review)

Funeral Radio is the third studio album from the Italian Gothic/Stoner Doom Metal band WITCHES OF DOOM.

From Rome, WITCHES OF DOOM bring an album that will make most purist metalheads fall in love. I guarantee you will enjoy this.

The first thing to notice is the dark groovy style from deep stoner to melodic riffs. Plus some classic metal riffs with that touch of Industrial/Death alike sound.

This then jumps to solid guitar solos. The drums are very good with that smashing sound and well placed. I also like the bass and that groovy sound it projects in some songs, like, for example, Queen of Suburbia or Sister Fire. They sound like a soundtrack of Western movies without losing its characteristics elements on the genre. They are involving more deep ones, creating a unique mix of musical elements. This clearly is a Heavy Metal album.

A solid piece of mixing work with that compact emotional stoner metal sound that remind bands like Danzig, Type O Negative, Motörhead and even old Metallica. But with its unique gothic style.

The singer’s voice is like the album, harmonizing, deep, a bit country alike, groovy, some melodic. Adding some blues touch that makes you want to rock over and over again. His voice even is capable of being raspy when it needs to be. It sounds accordantly to the melody and makes you sing along to the songs. The lyrical work is very good, perfect for casual listening. This release is a great experience to the ear and very impressive.

I personally recommend the album. Rock from earth to hell with WITCHES OF DOOM and Funeral Radio.

Release Year: 2020
Label: My Kingdom Music
Category: Album
Country: Italy

Reviewed by Trent Painless (Seth)