Wormwood: Release Incredible Post Apocalyptic Video For The Archive

Swedish atmospheric black metallers, Wormwood have released a highly cinematic video set in a post apocalyptic Stockholm for The Archive.

The Archive follows the desperation after an unprecedented catastrophe in Sweden.

Watch it unfold here:

“Take part of a journey through the past, present and future mistakes of man.”
Arkivet (The Archive) follows mankind’s inability to take care of the earth. The album takes you on a sojourn across lands soon devoid of people, a not-so-far-future where flames become citizens. It will also tell you about the men and women who lost their minds, their will to leave and their homelands.

An Arkivet is a document written for those who want to make it easier for their close ones after their passing. Where you can tell how you want to have your funeral arranged, where important documents are located, last wishes, etc.. Wormwood use this as a metaphor for the whole world throughout the seven songs on the album. The last words of an already dead planet….
This is our last transmission to a world we never really knew….

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