YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS: Presents “No Metal, No Pay” feat. Kris Olivius of Naglfar

[Photo Credit: Samuel Pettersson]

Mirror, mirror on the wall – who is the maddest of them all? The social media rumors are true: The savage beast from the North YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS return in an unabashed metal guise to lead their listener astray. Just in time for the most foolish day of the year, the Swedish sea-pillagers have just released a new piece straight from the untamed sea via Napalm Records: „No Metal, No Pay“ feat. Kris Olivius (Naglfar) along with a social statement, that they have ambitions to become the number one Power Thrash Pirate Metal Band in Europe.

YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS are well known for their singalong hymns and unmistakably folksy tunes, as can be heard on their latest pirate epos Hostis Humani Generis. As the true corsairs of hearts, they’ve taken the people’s opinion very seriously and now leave the paths of folk behind: this time, it’s either metal or die! With a stiff sea breeze, a clear wink of the eye and a lot of cheeky humor, the pirates metallize their trademark sound.

“With “No Metal, No Pay” we wanted to make fun of ourselves, and joke about the misconceptions that comes from being a folk music band signed to a metal label, and hopefully give people a lough or two in these difficult times. For us, this April’s fools release is our way of saying that although we put a lot of effort into our music, we really don’t take ourselves all that serious all the time. Reviewers and first-time listeners who expect us to sound like great Pirate Metal bands like Alestorm or Running Wild, are prone to be disappointed by the lack of distorted guitars and gut punching blast beats. We are proud and happy to be signed to Napalm Records, one of the worlds biggest metal labels, but we are sticking to what we know best – Pirate Folk.“

Even if it’s just for one day: Put the fiddle aside, strengthen your growls and get ready for YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS’ metal banger!

Watch the video for “No Metal, No Pay“ HERE: