ZULDAR Is Back With A New Single!


The melodic death metal band ZULDAR was formed in 1996 in Sopelana, Biscay. It all started when three friends (Urtzi Barceló, Ugaitz Aguilar and Egoitz Gorbea) who went to school together, discovered that they had similar musical tastes and decided to form a band without hardly knowing how to play instruments. Soon after, they gave their first concert in their school gymnasium, under the watchful eye of their future singer, Dalay Tarda (currently in Rise To Fall). Shortly after that concert, Egoitz Urrutia joined the band on bass and the band continued playing gigs in Biscay, with a concert in Bilbao’s Bilborock hall where they recorded their first live CD.

Soon after, Alain (Dalay Tarda) joined the band and made his debut as a singer at the Sopelana festivities in 2002. With the line-up now complete, they released their first and only studio album “Zabalandi” in 2003, recorded and mixed in the Zehatz studios in Gorliz. After several concerts in The Basque Country and one in Zaragoza, they recorded four new songs at 666 Es-tu-dios in Plencia, where a clear evolution in their music could be appreciated, both compositionally and vocally, with a clear influence of the well-known Gothenburg sound, a style that originated in the early 90’s as an evolution of American death metal. These songs were uploaded to their MySpace in 2004, but never saw the light of day in physical format. In the same year they were finalists in the Rock-Metal Emergenza contest and at the end of 2004 the band split up after a last show in Lujua.

Zuldar were one of the first melodic death metal bands in The Basque Country and even in Spain and now, almost 20 years later, they are back with what according to them is the best music they have ever made.

Zuldar cover