Age of Overload by Ancester

It is not often we hear some good metal brutality coming out of China. So that makes Beijing’s thrash metal band Ancestor an absolute treat. Their 2017 EP Age Of Overload is lyrically and technically complex, […]


Lich King (USA)

Metal-Roos: For those unfamiliar with the band can you tell me who is in the band and what roles are? Lich King: Zach Smith – vocals Nick Timney – lead guitarBrian Westbrook – drumsMike Dreher […]


Mayhem (Norway)

Robbie: We’re having a chat with frontman of the highly influential black metal band, Mayhem, hey Attila, you’re talking to Robbie and Dean from Metal-Roos. How are you today? Attila Csihar: Hi Robbie, thanks. I’m […]