Abscession – Rot of Ages (Album Review) 

Rot of Ages is pure unrelenting death metal. Music that is borne from Both countries of origin, the buzz of the Swedish guitars and its melody, along with the Teutonic direction and muscle of Germany.

Short sharp and incisive, tracks like War Machine and Prometheus Unbound sear the senses with sped and intensity, the music comes at you, the solos fierce and the percussion sharp and deadly.

Rot Of Ages takes the intensity and then suddenly turns it on its head with some keys and clean singing before it drops you back into the big double kicking headbanging riffs the band does so well.

Rains of death and Dead Man Hate bristle with more pure death metal energy, capturing live energy and committing it to vinyl. Yes at some times it’s very recognizable but try not to move to the riff on Rat King Crawl.  Rot of Ages is infectious pure death metal at its rawest intense form.

4 deathly roos

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Category: Album
Country: Germany / Sweden

Reviewed by Sparky