Aeon – God Ends Here (Album Review)

The Swedish gods return after nine years with God ends Here.

Nine years? Nine years since Aeons Black. We’ve barely recovered from that nihilistic work! After various line-up changes Aeon is back and have delivered us 16 tracks of pure hate, vitriol, and gloriously tough Death Metal.

It’s not all one-dimensional carnage the interludes of Orpheus Indu Inferis, and Into the Void add grandeur and scale to the work, a respite from the aural assault that is Just One Kill, and Church of Horror (A condemnation of abuse occurring) a predatory, lethal strike that is musically punishing.

Aeon’s musical dexterity and mastery of the genre shines throughout, it is short harp and refreshingly direct. Whilst others try to be subtle, let it Burn, and Deny Them Eternity (that stomping momentum man) mean exactly what they say. The intent is clear and the music as a weapon is ferocious and unrelenting.

This is everything you could hope for in an Aeon record. Yet it contains quite a few surprises as well, Queen of Lies is a perfect example whilst the texture of The Nihilist is countered by the sheer power of Severed (so heavy!) and the title track God Ends Here that takes that riff and destroys everything with it.

God Ends Here is a brutally honest and uncompromising album, that offers no excuses and demands utter respect. A death metal feat of intensity, ferocity, and heaviness.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Metal Blade Records
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Sparky