Läjä Äijälä & Albert Witchfinder – Centuries of Youth (Album Review)

Läjä Äijälä & Albert Witchfinder combine forces to create a unique project of spoken word sonic terror.

Before we begin some background information Läjä Äijälä is the leader of legendary Finn hardcore act Terveet Kädet and also indulges in synthpop and rockabilly music. Albert Witchfinder is of

Warlords. This collaboration is nothing like any of the above.

Centuries of Youth is a spoken word analog electronic journey of hate, disgust, and vitriol.  Imagine some of Burroughs work distorted, bought up to date fused with strange electronic noise, guitar flailing’s that destroy the notions of conventional music and real industrial nightmares.

This is an album polarising in its approach and that feels very much intentional. This is extreme music without any of the metal conventions. ‘’Walk’’ is a journey through industrial soundscapes of nihilistic descriptors. ‘’Dominion’’ and ‘’Hassle ‘’are shrieking, lurking terrors that benefit from an almost coherent structure. The words are delivered with such vitriol; you can feel the spittle land on you.

However, ‘’All Made Up”’ could drive you insane with its incessant electronic beep and repeated phrase “I cast my seat to the falling water”’, “Crush Down”’ continues the lunacy. Based upon Witchfinder’s diary entries, this is a man of little peace, and the accompanying soundscapes reflect that. Everything feels deliberate in its minimal uncertainty.

You are either going to love or hate this record it is not “normal” in any sense. The album cover suggests a literal crockpot of ideas. Yet this is coherent and a well-thought-out piece of wild electronic-based music experimentation. The lyrics are scathing and full of loathing, the music redefines that literal term.  Truly a piece of extreme art.  An album that is best more discussed than enjoyed.

Läjä Äijälä & Albert Witchfinder: N/A

Release Year: 2021
Label: Svart Records
Category: Album
Country: Finland

Reviewed by Sparky