Agalma – Pandemonium (Single Review)

Release Date: April 01st 2022 - Knuckle Records

Agalma – Pandemonium

After a long wait, the talented Agalma (previously known as Alchemy) blesses us with a debut single. And as much as the wait was long, the result is worth it. This release surely takes the Moroccan scene to a whole new level of standards and puts high expectations on what to come from this band.

The influence is loud and clear, the riffs will never give you rest, one after the other, you’re lost in the labyrinth of virtuosity. And as much as the riffs meddle with technical complexity, they are incredibly catchy, which underlines the strength of the songwriting, and incredible musical maturity from a band so young.

The talk about the riffs often makes you forget the leads, but the lead work and soloing on this song shows why the duo of guitar players is one of the most prolific on the Moroccan scene and has nothing to envy of world-class guitar players around the world.

The drumming fits perfectly with the groove of the riffs, nothing overcomplicated, just the right level of brutality, a pinch of groove, bringing balance to a song where all instruments blend perfectly.

And as we’re speaking of blending, an element that stands out is the singing. Unfortunately, the vocal work feels out of the song’s wavelength and perhaps attenuates the song’s greatness had it been with a different type of singing. That being said, it is mastered to a high level of technique, it’s just not the right technique for the genre.

When you focus on the production, it’s reminiscent of many releases from the Moroccan metal scene, and it is now an established sound, that of Ahenwas Studios, which has become over the years and the releases a distinguished reference, to keep an eye on, and on its perpetual developing.

The song has all that it takes to be a 5/5, had it not been for the vocals, bringing it down a notch, but it is promising, and could bring a whole other level of greatness if common ground is found between the singing and the music.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Knuckle Records
Category: Single
Country: Morocco

Reviewed by Oussama EL OUADIE