INTERVIEW: Age of Emergence – The War Within Ourselves

Interview by Jhossbert Gonzalez

Age Of Emergence

Australian Progressive Metal/Hard Rock band Age of Emergence is bound to release their second EP The War Within Ourselves on 27 March 2020. To support this release the band teams up with Odysseus Reborn from Bundaberg to embark on their first Australian tour, after playing for 5 years shows in the local underground.We talk to the band ahead of the tour to discuss the EP and more.


Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, Age of Emergence. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

It’s a pleasure to be here.

MR: Tell us a little bit about Age of Emergence.

Age of Emergence started out as a jam band who just planned to do home demos and the occasional local show. But now five years later we’ve recorded 2 EPs and played shows with interstate and local bands who are keeping the underground scene alive. I’ve always enjoyed the 3-piece power trio lineup as it makes you become a better player trying to fill the sound live. We have been trying to create our own sound for a long time, and we just keep trying to refine what it is we think an Age of Emergence song is.

MR: Right now you have one EP and another one which is about to be released on 27 March through Bandcamp. What can you say about this upcoming EP?

On the first EP, we explored the concept of the earth is in danger from being destroyed by human forces. Basically, Mother Earth cries for help. On this new EP, The War Within Ourselves, we are more looking into the human psyche and condition in the modern World; the struggle to live in and navigate the modern world, work, life and propaganda that is now fed to us every day.

MR: In a few days you are going to start an Australian Tour, partly with Odysseus Reborn. How do you prepare for it?

We have been rehearsing the songs now for nearly a year so just making sure our set is tight. We are also playing a couple of local gigs in Newcastle before the tour; we just did Death by Carrot and this Saturday we’re supporting Planet of the 8s.

MR: How was the public reception of your music?

So far people at gigs people seem to like what we’re doing, and we usually get a good response from the crowd. We haven’t really promoted the first EP very well, so I’m mainly going on live gigs for that one. We have been playing all the EP songs at gigs recently. They seem to be getting a good response we’re keen with this new EP as you know to promote it better and get more reviews, exposure etc. for our music.

MR: What was, for now, the most exciting experience for Age of Emergence?

Probably listening to the new songs in the studio in raw form. We’re quite happy with the way they turned out Adam Kiefel has done a good job with the sound and is a real professional at Sonic Heaven Studio. Being part of the Metal United movement is also exciting for us being linked up with other similar types of heavy riffing bands. It’s always exciting for us to support really good underground heavy bands as it gives us something to aspire to and what we can improve by seeing these bands grow. We are very excited for the Smoking the Universe Tour right now coming up in a month, our first tour and shows beyond Sydney and Newcastle.

MR: What are future plans for the band?

To complete the Smoking the Universe tour, release our EP and do as many gigs as we can and keep on with the cycle of recording, release, touring in whatever form we can afford. Maybe even do mini-tours etc. and try growing awareness of our band outside of our local area to grow our fanbase. We also want to promote our music, hoping to find our place in the scene. We are always working on new tunes to develop our sound further and aim to continue that and keep trying to improve our playing and songwriting in the process. Also, we are planning on exploring the Spotify realms.

MR: Thanks for the interview, Age of Emergence. Tell us your social media to follow your career!


Facebook, Instagram, subscribe on Youtube, Bandcamp, from March 27 Spotify and some other online platforms.

Interview Date: 2020-03-06

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez