INTERVIEW: Warrior Within

Interview by Jhossbert Gonzalez

Warrior Within

Warrior Within are a speed/thrash metal band who have two EP releases tied together through a conceptual story. We find out more on that as well as the history of the band.


Metal-Roos: Greetings, Warrior Within, welcome to Metal-Roos! It’s a great honour to have you here.

Thank you for having us, it’s great to be a part of an organisation that is working to uniting metal bands & fans in Australia & worldwide.

MR: You, the Hadoulis brothers, had the idea to create the band in the 90s and now more or less 25 years later, it’s reality. How do you feel to carry this project into the metal world?

We have been writing & jamming Warrior Within material since the early 90s, but never played officially, just jamming & playing at mate’s parties. For us to finally take action & take our music to the metal world feels awesome. Taking action and playing our music live & getting such a great response from so many metalheads is so rewarding and energising.

MR: You have two EPs which curiously are a conceptual story. What message are you conveying through this and your music?

Our 2 EP titles, In Darkness Act I and In Light Act II, represent the balancing act all people deal with in life.  As humans, we work with the difficulties and joys that life presents for us. The 2 EP titles Act I & Act II represent this constant pursuit of balancing the darkness & life in one’s life as this is an ongoing and never-ending saga. The lyric themes on the 2 EPs also explore the constant balance between good and evil in life. We all have to navigate our way through life with the hope we are creating a life worth living.

MR: You have some big shows happening. Two of them appear particularly important, The Wacken Battle of Bands and Metal United Down Under. For you, what’s the meaning to play these shows?

Its feel great for us to be asked to play high profile shows. It tells us that event organisers like what Warrior Within has to offer and trust we can deliver the goods. It’s still early days for Warrior Within, and it is so rewarding for the band to get the exposure of a larger crowd that these shows bring.

MR: What are the expectations of Warrior Within for 2020?

To have a successful tour by having met great people, made new friends and spread the sound that is Warrior Within. To continue building the bands profile, including attracting a strong fan base in Australia and Internationally.

MR: Any new plans apart from the concert dates?

To continue working on our new songs, so we have a fresh set for everyone.

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Interview Date: 2020-03-03

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez