ALLUVIAL Releases New Single And Video For “Death Is But A Door”


Kevin Muller [vocals], Wes Hauch [guitar, vocals], Tim Walker [bass], and Zach Dean [drums] — will release their new EP, Death Is But a Door on January 12 via Nuclear Blast. They have just shared the video for the title track. It was directed by Juan Carlos Escobar Salazar. The plot-driven video traces the mental and emotional descent of a man against an apocalyptic urban backdrop. Trigger warning: The video does include scenes of gun violence.

Darkness and despair are a breeding ground for creativity in the right hands. Since their inception in 2017, Atlanta-based band ALLUVIAL have embraced the grim and gloom that the world has to offer through an intricately balanced blend of rapid-fire polyrhythms, haunting, sludgy atmospheres and tightly wound grooves. The band takes a stab at creating an even more sinister sound than their previous album, Sarcoma, Death Is But a Door.

Although the band’s mission is to drive into bleaker and heavier territory with each new release, they manage to bring balance to their sound. While they remain grounded in death metal, the band’s approach finds them exploring all of their influences. From traditional thrash like PANTERA or METALLICA to darker grunge like ALICE IN CHAINS or SOUNDGARDEN and everything in between, ALLUVIAL aim to keep listeners on their toes by pushing beyond the realms of death metal.

Watch the video here on YouTube. (Age-restricted video)

ALLUVIAL - Death Is But a Door


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‘Death Is But A Door’