An Unction in Braille – The Wordless Whisper (EP Review)

Overcoming great adversity is The Wordless Whisper, An Unction in Braille’s (Massachusetts USA) debut Ep that has taken many years to complete from the initial recording in 2017.

Honed over many years of touring the East Coast of the US and Canada The Wordless Whisper is the sort of Melodic Death Metal/Death Core that is made to be rousing and perfect for pit creations’ live.

Each track is punctuated by some very American-style blast beats and huge, bloody huge slow breakdown type moments opener ‘’ Catharsis’’ sets the down and the intention. An Unction in Braille delivers short sharp instances of intensity that deliver loudly and ferociously, this is music perfected from years on the road and it shows, everything is aimed at maximum impact clearly and succinctly.

The band’s name is derived from “The blessing of a dying person one must feel to understand” and from the artwork, this does have a very death metal leaning yet there are also some clean vocals on “Sickening Sweet” a track that also breaks up the blast beat/breakdown scenario, Josh Veck delivers an impressive vocal performance, predatory, clear, yet utterly extreme.

“Dark As Black” is pure American death metal at its best, hardworking and unrelenting. The Wordless Whisper is the perfect introduction, tough, uncompromising, and musically inherently violent.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: USA

Reviewed by Sparky