OUIJA – Selenophile Impia (EP Review)

SELENOPHILE IMPIA is three tracks of utter madness that is OUIJA, Spanish black metal maniacs with utter disregard for humanity and subtlety.

For fans, the eight-year wait for three tracks might have seemed interminable but Ouija has delivered on their promise of more cult black metal that is their traditional no-nonsense style deeply rooted in Scandinavian sensibilities.

The title track is rampaging riffs over furious blasts that maintain its intensity over its seven-minute run time, adding a blood spray of melody interspersed between the chaos. Erebos … Like Hell Dogs is all muscular prowess, adding a fistful of Teutonic thrash to their power. Therianthropic Involution is the killer track though with its mournful piano and superior vocals that have an edge of malice that commanded your full attention. This is nineties-inspired black metal that is tinged with melody, so the hatred remains memorable whilst leaving its intensity undiminished.

Selenophile Impalia with its confrontational artwork informs you what to truly expect, and whilst it may not contain any surprises it feels like a re-affirmation of their ability and that Ouija have truly returned re-igniting their inner fire and disgust.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Spain

Reviewed by Sparky