Inhuman Remnants – Anathema (EP Review)

Inhuman Remnants - Anathema

Something evil this way comes – in the form of Canberra’s outfit Inhuman Remnants with their 4 track EP Anathema. Upon first listening to this monster, one is automatically going to label this “Deathcore” without giving it much of a chance of discussion.
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And it is true that there are elements that remind me of North Carolina giants Through The Eyes Of The Dead but that’s not all.

The opening track “Anathema” is bludgeoning with massive bass drops and low-end vocals. At the 3:19 mark kick in some interesting fretboard wizardry.
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Track 2 “Bleeding”… let’s put it this way, if hell had a soundtrack this would be it; the guitars really stand out here and if you like the “chug factor” in your music, this is the track for you. Track 3 “Apocalypse” is an interesting mix – it reminds me of Australian legends The Berzerker … just in sheer pace and the frenzied attacking style vocally in spot. I even pick up Cradle of Filth style vocals – strange, I know but it totally works… at the 2:52 mark, it kicks in with an insane mix of vile guitars and low-end bass. Track 4 “Once sent from the outer realms” is a slow grooving monster that leaves you wanting more.

OK, my overall verdict: While this EP is targeted at a select audience, you should give this EP a run if you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands. If you’re looking to annoy your neighbors, this certainly will do the trick 10 times as well. The only downfall for me was, that the drums sound-triggered I enjoyed the EP a lot. If you have a chance listen to this with a good set of headphones to take full advantage of the sound, “Anathema” is awesome evil fun.

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Release Year: 2012
Label: Eschatonic Records
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Steve Monaghan