Anvil – Impact Is Imminent (Album Review)

Release Date: May 20th 2022 - AFM Records

Anvil - Impact Is Iminent

There are many moments in history when musicians and bands have their apocryphal sliding doors moment. None more so than heavy metals eternal optimists Anvil. It’s often said that bands that influence often fade away into the background and let their young brethren take the mantel to higher and higher levels.

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This is ANVIL to a tee, having lit the flame under the big 4 of the then-new Thrash movement that was going on to conquer all parts of the globe in the late 80s This fun-filled and metal-fueled Canadian band with a series of misadventures faded into the background. 19 albums later you can hardly say they sit on their hands. From 1981’s hard n heavy to this year’s outing they have had no more than 2 to 3 years gap between outings. And now this the latest slab of infectious Canadian metal is a return to form.

It’s very easy to run into clichés in this medium and quite often this is unavoidable. In a lot of cases, bands will cover their flaws with Pseudo intellectual nonsense. Claiming that it’s a treatise on modern life. NOT these guys. They are very comfortable with their SPINAL TAP moments and imagery. You get lots of rock n roll clichés on this slab. But what glorious nonsense it is, Musically it has all the hallmarks of a classic metal act that has been together for a long time. Chugging palm-muted guitars, solos (sometimes in the oddest of places), and driving bass and drums that keep the engine of a metal machine running.

I was really taken by TEABAG and the closing track Gomez instrumentals that both have a bass flourish in them remind me of the late great John Enwhistle (The Who). It’s so them, so out of place and out of time, but in the same moment so oddly HONY TONK. In stark contrast, you get that Tap moment that the guys throw in with glee on every album. Wizards Wand, a sing-along a hunk of silliness that made me smile on so many levels.  And this is not the only moment in the almost 50 minutes of running time this happens. Steve ”Lips” Kudlow has lost nothing from his voice, if anything he seems to be getting better I thought the 2020 outing Legal at Last saw him flat. So this is a nice return to form for me. There is the obligatory Covid anthem and to be fair like the rest of us I’m getting a little tired of this. I get it that on an album that is just plain heavy metal goodness, which harks back to a bygone era of spandex, big hair, and ludicrous pyrotechnics. You might want to breach the hull of the good ship fun with some contemporary message to keep your album fully seated in the era it was written. But for me, it’s just a slight buzz kill. If any other bands are reading this ENOUGH already. That aside this album is a furious reminder of a time when heavy meant speed, chugging guitars, sing-along lyrics, and drums and bass, that will leave you blissfully deaf.

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I for one love that in almost 41 years they have kept the flame alive. So whilst we throw horns at them in the front row. And they crack a wry smile at the industry that for a while forgot them let’s not forget the reason we buy their records FUN, FUN, FUN

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Release Year: 2022
Label: AFM Records
Category: Album
Country: Canada

Reviewed by Tony Evans