INTERVIEW: Jacob Schmidt of Defeated Sanity talks first ever Aussie tour

Interview by Andrew Massie

Defeated Sanity

German death metal act Defeated Sanity will be co-headlining an Australian tour this July with Disentomb to bring forth their brutal genre-transfiguring death metal landscape in a live setting. Boasting almost two decades of pioneering records that push the confines of the death metal genre into unexpected directions, Defeated Sanity, are an unforgettable experience live; akin to being tossed in a storm of high velocity talent savaging the audience from multiple instrumental and vocal angles. We talk to bass player Jacob Schmidt about the tour and find out a little more on the band.


On a new appreciation for life on the road and being in a band since the pandemic:

Jacob: I can’t overstate how much we miss doing this. Not that I hate my life at home, I have a great home life. Music is just such a big part of my life and everything is set up around it so not having that for two years was definitely hard for all of us so yeah, we’re appreciating it.

On what fans in Australia can expect from the tour:

Jacob: Because it’s our first time in Australia I think they can expect pretty much a well rounded selection of songs from all the albums. Normally we would be featuring the new album more than any other record but because it’s our first time we’ll probably play stuff from every album.

On the trajectory of Defeated Sanity’s career so far:

I feel like it’s a slow and steady upward kind of move for us. We came from the underground and signed to Grindethic Records and then Willowtip Records, all smallish labels. Never had that breakout moment, obviously with our style of music it’s hard to gain that kind of traction but we’ve been pretty much always on the rise and every tour has pretty much been better than the tour before. So I’m happy with we’re we are at right now, there’s always room for improvement but it’s hard to not compromise the extremity of your music for a broader appeal so we’re trying to not compromise when it comes to that. So I’m pretty sure with how extreme our music is, it’s quite limited with how big the band can grow but maybe not, we’ll see. But’we’re pretty happy with where we are at right now, with the style of music we’re playing I think we came pretty far.


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